Castle Mead Radio … 

Britain’s Smallest Hospital Radio Station,

broadcasting from the heart of Hinckley



NEWSFLASH: A wonderful surprise!

For some time now, the Castle Mead Radio team have been aware that the bedhead and call system in Hinckley hospitals needed serious attention. They were in discussions with hospital staff regarding the work that needed to be done. Money appeared to be an obstacle.

Then came the pandemic and everything stopped… Castle Mead Radio set about raising the necessary funds. 

Unbeknown to them, some angel in the NHS realised the importance of this system and issued instructions in March for the work to be done… And didn’t tell Castle Mead Radio! 

The work has now been carried out and an annual maintained contract paid for by the NHS has been put in place.

To the angel, whoever you are, on behalf of all the patients passing through Hinckley hospitals we say a big THANK YOU.

To those of who agreed to support this work, we will be contacting you shortly. We hope you will agree to your donation going to our second anniversary project to be announced very soon.