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Adam Findley

Name: Adam Finley

Where Born: Leicester.

School: Graduated from De Montfort University in 2013 with A 2nd in Media.

Birthday: April 1991

Star Sign: Taurus

Favourite Music: Pop, Rock, Cheese, Dance, 80′s

Favourite DJ or Presenter: Steve Blackwell – as I am currently co presenting with him!

Favourite Singers or Groups: Busted, Greendays, S Club 7, Spice Girls.

Favourite TV shows: Simpsons, Mock of the Week, Eastenders, Scrubs, Family Guy Ruseel Howards Good News.

Favourite Films: Simpsons, Mr & Mrs Smith, Fast & furious, series.

Favourite Writer: David Baldicci, James patterson, Bernie Burns, Mike Schwartz

Adam says: I am a budding scriptwriter and hope to write a popular sitcom or action movie someday. When I was younger I used to make small radio shows with my sister on a tape recorder, normally indulging in the music we loved at the time.


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