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Andy Betts



Name: Andy Betts

Where Born: Ipswich

School: St.Alban’s Roman Catholic Ipswich and Beauchamp Upper School, Oadby.

Wife: Ann

Children: Rhydell and Ryan

Birthday: August

Star sign: Leo

Favourite Music: As my show ,I dig everything except Gangsta Rap and Opera”

Favourite DJ or Presenter: Johnnie Walker

Favourite Singers, Groups: Beatles, Bowie, Motown, Led Zep, Wishbone Ash, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash,  Scott Walker, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Glam Rock and Country Music.

” I have ears for everything except Opera and Gangsta Rap”

Favourite TV Show:Question Time, Favourite Film: The Godfather Favourite Actor: Clint Eastwood

Favourite Actress: Maggie Smith

Favourite Writer: Charles Dickens

Favourite Country Visited: USA

Andy says “Despite being partially sighted I can normally see the point”!


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