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Dave Bedford

Name: Dave Bedford

Born: George Elliott Hospital Nuneaton.

School: Hastings High School Burbage

Partner: Single/Divorced

Children: Daniel (28) and Jade (25)

Birthday: 22nd December

Star Sign: Capricorn

Favourite DJ or Presnter: Paul Gardner, Ken Bruce

Favourite Singers Groups: Reba McEntire, Teea Groans, Toby Kieth, George Strait – too many to choose

Favourite Film or Films: a Lot

Favourite Actor: Sam Elliot

Favourite Actress: Keira Knightley

Favourite Writer: James Herbert

Favourite Country Visited: Never been out of UK.

Dave says: ” I enjoy camping, keeping freshwater tropical fish, model making and he is a very reluctant gardener!”

John Fletcher is Dave’s right hand man and helps Dave into the saddle every Sunday evening. John has been involved with Castle Mead Radio practically from the start and for that he now pays for it by making Dave Bedford’s coffee every Sunday evening!


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