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James Chase

James Chase

Where Born: On A5 Watling Street  (never made the Hospital)
School: left ages ago but it was an approved school
Partner: Imaginary girlfriend who adores him!
Children: Can’t even look after himself!
Birthday: Every year!
Star sign: Sky Blue
Favourite Music: Anything that Molly Smith likes!
Favourite DJ or Presenter: Molly Smith and Stephen Brooks
Favourite Singers, Groups: S Club 7, Village People, Dougie Sambora
Favourite TV Show: Ugly Betty, Jeremy Kyle
Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing
Favourite Actor: Chaning Tatum
Favourite Actress: Lindsey lohan

Favourite Writer: Piers Morgan
Favourite Country Visited: Neverland (when much younger)

James says: I’m not very interesting, I like Walkers crisps and I play on my mobile phones for a living. In my spare time I love watching my goldfish swimming and I drive around endlessly trying to find Coventry City’s home ground!



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