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Maureen Revffy

maureenName: Maureen Revffy

Where Born: Hinckley
School: St.Peter’s Hinckley
Partner: Les Revffy
Children: James and John Revffy
Birthday: January
Star sign: Capricorn
Favourite Music: Like all sorts of music
Favourite DJ or Presenter: Tony Blackburn
Favourite Singers, Groups:Bruce Springstien, Creme, Motown bands and Doris Day
Favourite Film or Films: Steel Magnolias, Calamity Jane
Favourite Actor: Tom Hanks, John Travolta
Favourite Actress:Meryl Streep Favourite Writer: any crime writer.
Favourite Country Visited: Itay, England comes second! Maureen says: All you need to know is she is here to keep Pete Worthington in Line!


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