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Molly Smith



 Name: Molly Smith

Where Born: Hinckley
School: Mount Grace – John Cleveland
Partner: None as yet!
Children: None
Birthday: April
Star sign: Aries
Favourite Music: Anything that James Chase hasn’t chosen.
Favourite DJ or Presenter: Chris Kanara
Favourite Singers, Groups: Mumford & Sons, Bastille, ELO, Fleetwood Mac, Sam Smith
Favourite TV Show: Rugby on TV, made in Chelsea, Friends.
Favourite Film: Shawshank Redemption, Waterboy
Favourite Country Visited: Ireland

Molly say’s: I love sport, mainly Rugby and can be found campaigning tirelessly for the James Chase leg Waxing appeal. I also like spending early mornings at the stables looking after my horses and evenings in the gym.


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