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Name: Paul Gardner

Where Born: Nuneaton, but don’t hold that against me will you….?
School: St.Mary’s C of E Hinckley and Mount Grace High School
Partner: Sue wife of 33 years
Children: Philip 30 and Robert 27 years
Birthday: February
Star sign: Aquarius
Favourite Music: All sorts including classical
Favourite DJ or Presenter: Mark Wesley and Tony Blackburn
Favourite Singers, Groups: Carpenters, Rolling Stones, Beatles etc
Favourite TV Show: Time Team, Mrs Browns Boys
Favourite Film: Poseidon Adventure 1972, Towing Inferno, Dirty Harry, Enter the Dragon
Favourite Actor: Gene Hackman, Bruce Lee, Clint Eastwood
Favourite Actress: Cameron Diaz, Caroline Munro
Favourite Country Visited: Great Britain

Faourite sayings: “Well there you have it” “is red cabbage green grocery” “I don’t know much about my home town and I am no good at radio”



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