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Name: Rita McGowan

Where Born: Rotherham South Yorkshire
School: Rotherham High School
Partner: John
Birthday: September
Star sign: Virgo
Favourite Music: Depends when ylou ask – very changeable!
Favourite DJ or Presenter: Terry Wogan
Favourite Singers, Groups: Carly Simon, Carole King and loads of others!
Favourite TV Show:Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Friends and faulty Towers.
Favourite Film: Notting Hill, My fair Lady
Favourite Actor: Pierce Brosnan and Tom Hanks
Favourite Actress: Meryl Streep and Juilia Roberts

Favourite Writer J.K. Rowling, Agatha Christie and Gervaise Phinn
Favourite Country Visited: Australia or new Zealand

Rita says: She has white water rafted down the Colorado (just a bit of it) and walked the great Wall of China and watched Rotheram get promoted & play off at wembley….Go the Millers!


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